Good morning Weather Watchers! 

Spring is in the air with temperatures warming up through the weekend and the potential for a storm early next week-March 1st and 2nd.

Will this system that is forecast to develop in the four corners and move out into the Plains take the track that moves it East along the Kansas/Oklahoma border or will it dive South towards the Red River? 

  500mb level -18,000′ 

 SEVERE indexes are also showing what could be our first episode of Severe Weather IF the system develops as models are showing.
Even if things change- we are reminding you what is necessary for Thunderstorms.

 Increasing Gulf Moisture:
  CAPE-Convective Available Potential Energy:

Energy Helicity Index- Will Storms Spin?  
 Plenty of Wind SHEAR- The winds changing direction with height

They start out South/Southeast at the surface and end up out of the West/Southwest in the Mid-levels of the atmosphere around 20,000 ft. This is needed to make storms spin.

This system would likely be strong enough to pull down cold air on its backside to produce SNOW. 

Could we see Severe storms one day and Snow the next? 

This is St Louis this morning- heavy wet snow wreaking havoc. Snow and strong winds brought down a power pole this morning. This is the backside of yesterday’s Severe Weather outbreak.  

THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS…Will this system develop as models are starting to show or will it take a more Southern track like we have seen in the last 30 days? 

What do you think it will happen??

Here is Today’s threat along and East of the Mississippi -Winter Storm warnings from Chicago to St Louis- even a Blizzard warning for Central Illinois!!

Another day of Significant Severe Weather including Strong Tornados are possible along the Mid Atlantic:

 Have a great day Weather Watchers!
Questions, please ask….