Hi Weather Watchers!

We are monitoring the Gulf of Mexico moisture as South winds return and become a conveyer belt for low level moisture beginning Friday…

By now many of us should all be running our Air Conditioning as the humidity is usually much higher. Dewpoints typically run in the 50s to mid 60s. Anything above 60 gives us that sticky heavy feel to the air.

Like last year, the dewpoints are slow to increase, hence our below average Severe Weather season ..This year we have experienced some warmer than normal temps but without the Gulf moisture.

This weekend is looking somewhat similar to our last set-up. We will likely have good Wind Shear in place, turning of the winds with height ( an important part that was delayed about six hours last event, and the unidirectional winds we had especially in the lower levels ) The wind profiles look good on this system to provide the potential for higher end storms… BUT… and that’s a BIG BUT right now…WILL WE HAVE 62-67 dewpoints temperatures ( RICH MOIST GULF AIR)  – IM NOT SURE IT MAKES IT TO CENTRAL KS IN TIME…

HOWEVER, If everything does comes together, we could see high end storms, with ALL modes of  Severe weather possible , ESPECIALLY OVER SOUTH CENTRAL KANSAS…


Day 5 is SUNDAY- Mother’s Day.

Even if we have marginal moisture in place we will see some hailers and strong winds out of storms Sunday afternoon into evening. Make your Mothers Day plans accordingly.

Many are likely gun shy from the last event…please pay attention… This is May, prime time for Severe storms.

You are here to learn- so let’s pay attention to the set-up. The potential is there… Let’s watch and see how things develop. Watch the dewpoints as they move North from Louisiana and Texas over the next 48 hours.

Questions, please ask….