Hi Weather Watchers!!

It snowed this morning from Goodland to Salina to Kansas City. The problem was it snowed around 5-7K ft and maybe a few flakes made it to the ground by likely not as the air in the lowest 2K ft of the atmosphere is very dry.

Speaking of dry….let’s look at the Weekly and Monthly Drought updates. It not good news.

Over 1/2 of our State is in SEVERE to MODERATE Drought status based on climate data. We are seeing EXTREME DROUGHT beginning to move North from both Panhandles and Western OK. This is very close to where the significant/recording breaking fires were last year.

This WILD FIRE threat is getting attention of the US Forrest Service and FEMA planners.

This shows most of the Southern and Central Mountain States and Southern and Central Plains as having an ABOVE AVERAGE potential for SIGNIFICANT WILDFIRES.

Take precautions now by clearing old dry brush from around your home – they recommend a 50′ radius with two points of exit from a Wild Fire. Never parallel a fast moving Fire always head in the opposite direction from where it is moving from and follow any evacuations routes set out by local officials.


In my lifetime I have never had to worry about a Wild Fire except in the mountainous terrain when we vacationed at our Colorado Summer cabin and it was far from our area but we were on alert if winds changed directions- never happened.

We are somewhat surprised that this round of Arctic Air doesn’t look to get as deep as previously thought. Our temperatures will continue to be on a rollercoaster temperature wise- especially in the Northeast 1/3 to 1/2 of the State over the next several days.

There is a chance of LIGHT SNOW Sunday as a Cold front moves from NORTH to SOUTH during the day. Highs Sunday will likely occur early in the day and then fall.

Not seeing any other significant moisture chances in the next 14 days, AT THIS TIME.

We will look deeper into the pattern and update you Friday or Saturday.

Questions, please ask…