Looking ahead Weather Watchers….

We are watching some of the COLDEST AIR of this Winter Season. A 1058 mb High could be on top of Kansas this weekend! THAT IS AN EXTREMELY COLD AREA OF SIBERIAN HIGH PRESSURE!!

Normal pressure is around 1013mb, so 1058 is very very High….and VERY VERY FRIGID!

WindChill potential…

This system will squeeze out any moisture as it dives SSE. It will produce very fine powder, 15-18″ ratio per 1″ of moisture. So in this case- 1/10th of an inch of moisture could produce 2″ of snow.

Lets see how strong she come out of Canada tomorrow night…..I was always told if a 1060mb is approaching you from Alberta have a pretty darn near 100% chance making in deep into the Plains and points East.

We will take a look at it in more detail Thursday afternoon…..