Hello Weather Watchers!

The pattern will begin to become much more active as the Month progresses.

Today expect Strong South winds over the Eastern half of Kansas and Northern Oklahoma today and Monday. Winds gusting to around 50!

The pink colors represent the Extreme Fire Danger areas. The Brown color represents a Wind Advisory- if we could peel off the pink color in KS you would see the Brown color as the Eastern half of Kansas is in a Wind Advisory as well. The almost skin color in NW KS and the Southern TX panhandle represents a Fire Weather Watch which is one level down from the Extreme Fire Danger.

What to expect today: Strong South winds. Moisture will increase dramatically, as the strong South winds transport moisture North from the Gulf of Mexico this evening into the overnight tonight. We will likely wake up to a thick stratus tomorrow morning. I don’t think we will see much if any sun Monday which will be a limiting factor for Severe storms.


What to expect Monday: As you can see the SLIGHT RISK area ( yellow color) has been moved South as the thinking is the better or richer moisture will likely be located South into OK and Texas plus the other limiting factor we discussed above. There is still SLIGHT chances of isolated Thunderstorms in the darker Green areas from late Monday into the overnight before a cool front moves through and stalls producing FLOODING RAINS from Southern Missouri South into Arkansas and Northwestern Louisiana.
NOAAs Climate Prediction has a NEW Experimental longer range forecast- it is showing above average precipitation for all of the Central and Southern Plains March 18-April 1.

Lastly – the Models are showing a snow storm for March 22… We call this a fantasy storm – it’s still interesting to watch how the Weather plays out around the 22- will we see a Cold front and Snow or will we see Thunderstorms. Let’s watch and see…

Have a good day and make sure everything is secure so it won’t blow away. 

Questions, please ask….