Good morning Weather Watchers.

Temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 60s today Central and East and 70s West, with strong South winds. This will begin to draw marginal gulf moisture into the Central and Eastern KS ahead of a developing storm system. 

A few isolated Thunderstorms are possible in Western KS late this evening and again over Central KS Tuesday night, none of these will be Severe and will NOT be widespread.

As the main storm system moves out into the Northern Plains Wednesday a dry line forms that separates dry air from warm moist air. This will produce Severe Thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon.

The Weather calms after this system moves through with temps close to normal for this time of year- highs in the low to mid 60s and light winds into the weekend before return flow commences and we begin to warm up significantly.

As far as moisture, not seeing much after this weeks chances…which don’t look that impressive in the first place.

Have a great day….