Hi Weather Watchers! 

Manu of you saw these big, dark cumulus clouds associated with a cold front moving through the State this afternoon.

Weather Watcher Christie Minns sent these pictures wondering if it was going to rain: 

Some might have seen a few sprinkles but nothing else.

Here is the Satellite image:

Temps will be in the 20s in North and West sections of Kansas to around 30 in Central KS; mid to upper 30s East and Southeast as High pressure settles in. 

Temps Friday will be Chilly -40s North and West to miss 50s Central and East. Northwest winds gusting to 25mph. It will feel colder than it is.

Temps begin to moderate Saturday and especially Sunday with highs in the mid to upper 70s Central and West by Sunday.

Another Cold front moves through around Tuesday that will drop temps to near normal- low to mid 60s. Slight chance of Thunderstorms…

Here is this weeks drought update:

The Tan color in SW through parts of South Central Kansas represent Moderate drought. The letter S stands for “short term” drought. We are entering our rainy season – will we see improving conditions? I think we do, especially as we head into mid April. However, if we don’t see 1-2″ by the end of April, I will be very surprised as we had 2 snows in December as well as a couple rounds of Severe Weather.


Here are a couple amazing pictures from the Tornado that struck North Tulsa and points Northeast.

  The classic Mothership structure of the supercell over NE Tulsa.
An incredible image from an airplane that was circling trying to land. This image is looking West from several miles East of Tulsa. What a classic supercell!! 
 Have a great night- as always, if you have questions please ask.