Hello Weather Watchers!

Get ready for some significant winds the next 3 days, especially today and tomorrow where gusts above 50mph are possible. 

A strong pressure gradient is in place with Very cold with to our North and warmer air to our Southwest.

The strongest gradient will be right through Central KS where Wind advisories and Fire Weather Watches have been issued.

A strong Low in Eastern MInnesota is drawing down cold air from Canada. 

Notice the Blizzard Warning- that is mostly for White out conditions from existing snow that has already fallen. They could pick up another inch or two as this Clipper system moves Southeast.

 Here are our temperatures today…


Want to know why Central KS will have the strongest winds today? 

Take a look at the below image. I circled where the winds become diffluent – diffluent means: A pattern of wind flow in which air moves outward (in a “fan-out” pattern) away from a central axis that is oriented parallel to the general direction of the flow. When this occurs in upper levels of the atmosphere, development of Severe Weather is likely. 

 The area just North of where the winds become diffluent is the area where the strongest winds will occur today. This area will move South into Texas tomorrow allowing for even stronger winds in the Central Plains Monday.

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We will announce the winner tomorrow morning!

Lastly, here are current conditions around the region…

 Winds will pick up this afternoon especially into the overnight and through tomorrow.
 Have a GREAT day!!