Hello Weather Watchers!

Many of you have been messaging us wanting our thoughts on Fridays system. We knew there would be a system – how it acts is the big question.

This system moved through in the last cycle around Feb 19th and the cycle previous to that on January 3rd. This shows that our Weather pattern continues to cycle….exciting stuff!! Are you keeping track??

This system brought with it some of the coldest air of the season in January – it unfortunately won’t disappoint this time as well, with RECORD LOW TEMPERATURES LIKELY BEING SHATTERED OVER MUCH OF CENTRAL AND EASTERN KANSAS SATURDAY MORNING!

Here are what models are showing for winter precip –American GFS:

Shorter Term NAM Model:

THIS WILL BE A NUISANCE SYSTEM as it’s Main affect will be its very COLD Air as the High settles directly over Central KS.

We are not expecting travel troubles – could see a dusting to 2″ where the heaviest snow falls BEHIND THE COLD FRONT- called post frontal precipitation. The heaviest looks to be in Central KS. WITH ALL WINTER SYSTEMS, THIS IS CAN CHANGE BY 50 Miles (you all know this) so be prepared for the COLD and potential to see Rain/Rain Snow Mix or Snow depending on how fast/slow the front moves through-

Again- this system should look familiar – here is what it looked like when it moved through Feb 19

The First week of January, 94-96 days earlier-

This system had very similar surface structures-

This was on our Calendar

Reminding us that on 2-24 Arkansas had a Severe Weather outbreak and that system should repeat around 4-12 which we are seeing the potential for a Storm in the area around Friday the 13th-

Will we see Severe Weather or will it be a Cool system- looking ahead we could see some severe Weather close by- we will have to watch as these systems cycle back through-

If you have questions- please ASK!

We will update you with how the NEW DATA treats this system by late morning Thursday….