Hi Weather Watchers! Let’s check out what’s going on with our Storm system.

We would LOVE TO HEAR SOME REPORTS FROM THE FIELD THIS EVENING. Please let us know what the weather is like where you are! 

I can tell the system is strengthening as the winds are increasing here in Hutchinson. If you have an autoimmune issue-RA/Lupus/Fibromyalgia you are likely feeling it… Would like to know..so please message us if you want to keep your medical issues private… Thanks!

Here are current Statewide conditions:

Look at the Temps in OK… 50s, 60s and 70s…. That’s why the storm went North…Thank you El Niño!  Absolutely amazing!!

Here is the infrared Satellite image showing you the Cold sector and Warm sectors – with the radar interposed. Showers in Southern KS are falling just North of the warm front. These will continue to grow upscale and we will likely see a few Thunderstorms. 
 This is what the short term models are putting out – this is the “Simulated Reflectivity” ( what the computers are thinking will happen and what radars will look like).
 This was 6pm… 
This is the forecast model for Midnight

 This model is for Midnight tonight:

Have a great evening!



Here are a couple RADAR UPDATES-

Notice the area of strong Thunderstorms forming in Western OK… They will be moving NNE….