Good morning Weather Watchers!

Many are likely wondering why the cold front has pushed so far Southeast across the Stare…

Here is the current position:

The models don’t handle the cold air well. Keep in mind that we are expecting the cold front to move NNW as a Warm front early this afternoon- that’s why I put the black arrows along the front.

Rain/drizzle should begin to break out in the warm sector ( the area along and SE of the Warm front)

 The moisture to the NW in CO and NE is snow that will fall this afternoon.
  Thunderstorms begin to develop around 6-8 pm this evening. The heavy snow bands begin to move closer and closer towards KS with Light snow already falling across SW KS.

The storm system really gets wrapped up by 10am tomorrow morning taking on the familiar comma head shape 
  This continues until late Sunday night….the wrap around moisture West of the I-135 corridor is snow that is continuing – possibly heavy at times, as the storm moves off to the North and East. 

Questions, please ask….