Good morning Weather Watchers!

Here is our NEW GRAPHIC as of 8AM Saturday morning.

Please note in the warned area we are still forecasting 4″-8″ and outside the Warning area 3″- 7″

This snow will be very dry- it will not have the moisture content we had last weekend. This is the type of snow you can use a leaf blower on. It will be very fluffy. If you take a close look at the snow you will be able to see the incredible crystal like shapes.


Snow will begin between 7p/10p from West to East with snow becoming heavy at times. North winds will be gusting to around 30-35mph

Snow should end from West to East around 4-6am. It is a very quick moving system.

Sunday will remain CLOUDY and COLD with Highs in the Teens. WINDCHILLS WILL BE DANGEROUSLY COLD Sunday & especially Monday morning where Windchills of -15/-25 are LIKELY.

We stay below average through about mid month with a few quick moving systems between now and then. We could see our first Spring Thunderstorms around mid month, we just have to get through this COLD part of the pattern first.

Have a good day everyone!

We will be working on our Spring forecast….Which includes WEATHER RADIO giveaway’s, we plan on starting that promo on Monday!

Questions, please ask!

Weather Watchers



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