Good early Friday morning Weather Watchers!

The NWS offices have issued a Winter Storm Watch for the Snow potential we have discussed in our previous blog.

The areas likely to see the lightest amount of Precip with this quick moving storm are NW/SW Kansas.

As we stated 2 days ago based on the forecasted VERY COLD Temps the Snow ratios will be very HIGH. This snow will not be a wet snow but a very DRY Snow that easily blows and drifts causing travel troubles.

The ratio have considered is 18:1- that means it would take 18″ of snow to get 1″ of liquid.

What is considered a normal moisture ratio in Snow is 10:1 or 10″ of Snow to 1″of liquid moisture.

Most models are forecasting 0.30″ to 0.55″ of liquid moisture which at an 18:1 ratio would be around 4″-8″, thats why we used those number two days ago.

This is the image from 2 days ago- still ok to use this image except for NW KS area where much lighter amounts are likely.

We are also expecting winds of 20-30 mph during the event which will cause near white out conditions and VERY, VERY COLD WIND CHILLS around -15 or greater Sunday AM….

Enjoy the “warm” air today and tomorrow as the bottom falls out SUNDAY/MONDAY and possibly TUESDAY.

Have a great day!

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