Hello Weather Watchers!

It looks as though we will have another round of light snow Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

Expect 1”-3” along and South of I-70 to the areas along and North of US400.

This is a rough outline of where we think the most snow will fall. WE ARE NOT expecting freezing drizzle or rain – this snow should stick as it falls as surface and mid-level temps will likely be below freezing. This snow event will not be a “slushy” snow like recent events. Travel could be hazardous on less traveled roadways and side roads early morning Thursday into Thursday morning rush hour.

The image above show the Arctic Oscillation or the blocking pattern that sets upon the winter that cause COLD Arctic Air to move South out of Canada… look how positive it has been most all Winter. This has prevented a significant cold air outbreak ( Polar Vortex ) from occurring in most all of the lower 48. The AO has set record high readings which keeps that extremely cold from seeping South.

Another system or two will be moving through the Central Plains over the next 2 weeks. We are anticipating somewhat of a cooler/active pattern but not before a brief warm up between systems. Will the AO decrease allowing some colder air to move South?? If so, the potential for snow exists. If not, expect move of a rain/snow mix like most of us have seen this Winter.

More details to come on the as the details on those systems become clear.

Have a good evening..

Weather Watchers