Hi Weather Watchers!

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For those interested in the Weather for tomorrow nights Game 1 of the World Series in KC -there still could be some showers up until the game begins around 7-plus or minus an hour.

Something that is kind of fun and interesting is a strong storm that we are seeing form the first week of November.

Here is the what the temps look like- you can definitely see this is a strong storm forming in NE Colorado. 
  This is what the upper levels look like. See that strong jet working in to Western KS?

Here is what the surface looks like:

See how the cold works in on the backside- the models even show a bit of snow…We have outlined the 32 degree line also called the 5400 line – anything North of that line that falls would likely fall as snow.
Don’t get to excited as systems this far out will likely change. 
That being said, this is actually the first time the models have shown temps falling below freezing on November 9th- the day we predicted over 45 days ago as being the day of our first freeze. 

We will keep an eye on these systems.

We will update you tomorrow with our thoughts for late week into the weekend-thinking the heaviest rainfall will stay South in OK and TX. 

Have a good night!