Hello Weather Watchers! It is that time of year when our NEW pattern and cycle length to the NEW pattern sets up….What we are seeing has us excited….but again, we won’t know be sure until around Nov 10 or so how exactly things come together.

The jet stream, which is the River of Air at different levels above us is intensifying as the temperature differential continues to increase.

The models are fairly consistent….which is a good sign for weather enthusiasts.

So far this is what we are seeing – SOUTH WEST FLOW!!! Something we have been missing for a couple of years.

Will that be a part of our pattern?? Or is it just part of our transition….time will tell.

Here is what we are seeing over the next 2 weeks via the GFS Model…

REMEMBER, the model will change – but again they have been fairly consistent showing many pieces of energy moving through…

Right now it looks VERY ACTIVE over the next 2 weeks.

These show the 500mb Level – 18,500 ft above ground level.

Look at the number of storms moving through…encouraging to say the least!

Where you see the numbers on the maps, those are individual storm systems.

See a potential Hurricane approaching Mid Atlantic next weekend as strong storm approaches the Central Plains from the Southwest.

This is another fairly deep and significant wave developing in the SW US…for the week of the 8th

We finally end up in a Zonal pattern by Monday Oct 15th- let’s see how this verifies…

Here is the Climatology forecast through MID OCTOBER… Shows above average Precipitation.

Oct 5- Oct 9

Oct 7- Oct 13

The models are showing fairly significant moisture during these periods:

Through Oct 15th:


Let’s follow and watch how this new pattern develops together

Stay tuned for what appears to be an interesting ride….we will be posting DAILY as this plays out

Any questions- please ask

Weather Watchers