We took a break today to catch up. 

We are not seeing any significant storm systems in the Central Plains until mid month or later- unfortunately around Christmas and New Years.

Thank you all for SHARING YOUR WEATHER! It was very important to do so when 20 miles makes a huge difference temperature wise.

We want everyone who visits this blog to feel comfortable posting comments and pictures-you did a GREAT job! DONT STOP!!

When it comes to Winter, which actually begins TODAY, meteorologically that is. This Winter will be one that you will likely not forget. Will we see any Arctic Air or will we see above average temps with deep lows that bring down heights enough to provide us with compact Ice and Snow storms on more of a mesoscale level like we saw in this last system.

Will we see Tornado/Severe Weather Outbreaks in the South this Winter, we think so.

 This image shows the precipitation across the US over the next 2 weeks 
 This is such a telling precipitation map. It shows INCREDIBLE amounts of rainfall coming into the Pacific Northwest in the next 2 weeks- close to 15+inches! Very rare for an El Niño year, actually the STRONGEST El Niño ever documented. 

Southern CA continues to dry out….absolutely amazing.

Be prepared for Wacky Weather…It’s gonna be a WILD RIDE.

We will provide you with an update tomorrow.